Frances Soda
Pro EFT Practitioner

 Keys to Emotional Freedom

Unlock the secrets to your business success!

Positive attitudes are critical for success

I know, intellectually, that positive attitudes are critical for success. However, as hard as I tried, I couldn’t seem to stop worrying or getting frustrated about finances, my lack of time, and my slow business growth. By combining EFT with her uncanny intuition, Fran has helped me to unblock and remove the negative thoughts and energy that I’ve carried for years. Now I have more energy, and I get more done because of it! And my creativity has skyrocketed. As for my business, I am moving forward now, at a faster pace than ever. 

I thank God for introducing me to Frances. She has truly changed my life for the better. There’s no looking back now!

Chris Allsop
Marketing Expert


How To Release Fear of:
- Success
- Failure
- Not Being Good Enough

I am a Pro EFT™ Practitioner
trained by EFT Master Lindsay Kenny and
a certified AAMET advanced EFT Practitioner.

I continue to upgrade and enhance my skills. 

As a professional EFT practitioner,
I follow strict ethical guidelines and
practices mandated by the: