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I haven't had a single moment of fear since

Chala Dincoy www.coachtactics.comThree hours after my first call with Frances, I was served a lawsuit by a disgruntled former client who had sexually harassed me at the start of our coach-client relationship. The fact that he was on my lawn, throwing the summons in my car with a sneering 'Here you go sunshine!' while my Mother-in-law and 5-year-old son watched from home terrified me about what he might do next. Through our tapping the next day, Frances guided me to realize that this man is simply a teacher and is himself an innocent actor in a play of life that I myself have designed to teach me what I need to learn to soar. I haven't had a single moment of fear since then, even while facing him in court. Thank you Frances!

Chala Dincoy,


How To Release Fear of:
- Success
- Failure
- Not Being Good Enough

I am a Pro EFT™ Practitioner
trained by EFT Master Lindsay Kenny and
a certified AAMET advanced EFT Practitioner.

I continue to upgrade and enhance my skills. 

As a professional EFT practitioner,
I follow strict ethical guidelines and
practices mandated by the: