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I was struggling with some major changes

JanetI met Frances at one of her EFT Introductory classes and started regular sessions with her because I was struggling with some major changes that had occurred in my life.

With EFT tapping and her incredible intuitive abilities, she helped me clear negative energy from my past, including fear of criticism and feeling that everything has to be perfect in order to proceed. Being fairly new to EFT, her suggestions for tapping in-between sessions helped give me some direction. The Matrix Reimprinting work was amazing.

In my work with Frances I have dealt with the emotional issues and negative energy that were holding me back. I am now able to move forward, feeling more confident about my future and in starting to build my own business which had been at a standstill.

I am so thankful I was guided to Frances. She has helped me to realize my potential and that I have a bright, positive future ahead. Frances, thank you for everything.

Janet Bartlett
Energy Healing


How To Release Fear of:
- Success
- Failure
- Not Being Good Enough

I am a Pro EFT™ Practitioner
trained by EFT Master Lindsay Kenny and
a certified AAMET advanced EFT Practitioner.

I continue to upgrade and enhance my skills. 

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I follow strict ethical guidelines and
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