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Changes I have experienced are miraculous!

“I have worked with Fran in private EFT sessions for only a few months and the changes I have experienced are miraculous! Fran is an extremely gifted healer and EFT practitioner. She is kind, intelligent and exceptionally intuitive.
As a professional in the mental health field I can say without a doubt that EFT is one of the most effective tools that I have ever found for healing the mind, body and Spirit.
Thank you Fran for your extraordinary gifts!”


Attracting new customers paying higher fees


Jimmy G"Before I took the program I already had experience using EFT. My goal was to break through my psychological barriers as to how much income I was generating and how much I wanted to earn. That's why I went to Frances' Money Breakthrough Workshop.
She led our group through techniques to release our fears about money and within 2 weeks I was attracting new customers who are more than happy to pay my new higher fees.
Thanks Frances!!!!"


James “JimmyG” Graham, C.M.H.


I haven't had a single moment of fear since

Chala Dincoy www.coachtactics.comThree hours after my first call with Frances, I was served a lawsuit by a disgruntled former client who had sexually harassed me at the start of our coach-client relationship. The fact that he was on my lawn, throwing the summons in my car with a sneering 'Here you go sunshine!' while my Mother-in-law and 5-year-old son watched from home terrified me about what he might do next. Through our tapping the next day, Frances guided me to realize that this man is simply a teacher and is himself an innocent actor in a play of life that I myself have designed to teach me what I need to learn to soar. I haven't had a single moment of fear since then, even while facing him in court. Thank you Frances!

Chala Dincoy,

I am not afraid to speak up anymore

Miranda RomeroHi Frances,

I am doing very well mostly and thankfully to you and what I've learned from you about EFT. My oldest sister is under control and I am not afraid to speak up anymore. She is learning that I am another person and guess what: she is also learning that she cannot talk to me the way she used to anymore. The anxiety is gone. She is learning a new respect for me. I am eager to let everybody know about the result of EFT.

Thanks again, Frances. Because of working with you, my vacation is a million time more enjoyable. Will come and see you when I will be in Windsor.

Miranda Romero

Positive attitudes are critical for success

I know, intellectually, that positive attitudes are critical for success. However, as hard as I tried, I couldn’t seem to stop worrying or getting frustrated about finances, my lack of time, and my slow business growth. By combining EFT with her uncanny intuition, Fran has helped me to unblock and remove the negative thoughts and energy that I’ve carried for years. Now I have more energy, and I get more done because of it! And my creativity has skyrocketed. As for my business, I am moving forward now, at a faster pace than ever. 

I thank God for introducing me to Frances. She has truly changed my life for the better. There’s no looking back now!

Chris Allsop
Marketing Expert

Frances has helped me move forward!

Loracrestan.comFrances has helped me move forward! Even a coach needs a coach. With Fran's technical skills, patience and care, I have been able to release emotional blocks that were keeping me from moving forward in many areas of my life. Her spirit and energy have made a huge difference in my life. It is amazing what can be holding you back, and how you can actually eliminate it. Not only have I met a wonderful person, she has taught me a life skill that I can use all the time. Fran’s workshops are a must-do.

Lora Crestan

Calmer and more effective

MelissaI attended a work shop presented by Frances Soda a couple of months ago, and I just wanted to share my personal experience with all of you who might be contemplating on attending one of her seminars.

I attended for a totally different purpose, though I was surprised when I was later faced with a very similar personal situation that I have been subjected to many times before in regards to my children and my ex-husband, and I found myself not hardly reacting at all... much different from the times before! I found myself able to deal with the situation that came up in a calmer and more effective way than I had in the past.

Thanks Frances for teaching me the power of tapping and clearing your energy fields.

Melissa Gambling

I was struggling with some major changes

JanetI met Frances at one of her EFT Introductory classes and started regular sessions with her because I was struggling with some major changes that had occurred in my life.

With EFT tapping and her incredible intuitive abilities, she helped me clear negative energy from my past, including fear of criticism and feeling that everything has to be perfect in order to proceed. Being fairly new to EFT, her suggestions for tapping in-between sessions helped give me some direction. The Matrix Reimprinting work was amazing.

In my work with Frances I have dealt with the emotional issues and negative energy that were holding me back. I am now able to move forward, feeling more confident about my future and in starting to build my own business which had been at a standstill.

I am so thankful I was guided to Frances. She has helped me to realize my potential and that I have a bright, positive future ahead. Frances, thank you for everything.

Janet Bartlett
Energy Healing

I fee l much happier and more at peace

Collen Halpert testimonial“Frances Soda, my EFT coach, has helped me release anger that I had carried with me since I was 7 years old. We have also worked on my “shoulda”, “coulda”, and “woulda” way of thinking. I have let many of these things go and feel much happier and more at peace. It was well worth it to have worked with Fran!”

Colleen Halpert

WOW! You have no idea how free I feel.

Hi Frances,

I actually wanted to write you to give you a progress report. The work we did on my abandonment issues has been put to the test and passed. On Monday my husband and I argued and I was able to go to bed and sleep peacefully even though he was still mad at me. Typically I wouldn't be able to sleep until we made up. I would be a sobbing mess but not this time. I didn't even cry! We still haven't had time to resolve our dispute and I am not obsessing about it. I'm confident that we will work it out when we can. WOW! You have no idea how free I feel.

Thanks again Frances.


Lori M.

My cravings were gone after the first Weight Release session

“My cravings were gone after the first Weight Release session with Frances and I found that my meal portions decreased without any effort. 6 weeks later, I can eat what I used to crave without binging and I’ve also lost 8 pounds so far.”

Lynn DelaBarre

You can actually affect profound changes in your physical well being

Frances Soda was invited to our agency to deliver a workshop on EFT technique. What a great experience.

We all found the concept very enlightening. It is exciting to experience how you can actually affect profound changes in your physical well being by doing energy work.

Participants found immediate benefit in improved breathing and some have said they will continue the practice of tapping at home. Not only did we get value from the experience we can see how this could be of value to our clients in working on some of their issues with finances.

Wendy Dupuis
Executive Director
Financial Fitness Centre

I have truly benefited from our sessions together

"Frances' exceptional ability to 'tap' into her intuition as she listens to and guides her clients through the EFT process makes her unique in her field.  I have truly benefited from our sessions together appreciating her skills, experience and her intuitive gift. 

Thank you, Frances."

Patricia White

My knee has ZERO pain today

“Hi Fran,
I know this isn't going to come as a great surprise to you, but my knee has ZERO pain today. Unbelievable results are so common with EFT that we should just expect them, but this still seems totally weird! My doctor and physiotherapist tried for over 2 weeks, but the knee was so bad that it was heading toward a workman's compensation issue and time off to recover. I felt so good today that I almost danced around the floor at work!
I knew you were good . . . but one session?

Thanks and hugs."

John Jones

I was able to get my life back

“In a short period of time I lost six loved ones. I was overwhelmed with grief, sadness depression and all the feelings one has with such loss. I was considering bereavement counselling until I discovered EFT. In a short period of time all of my pain faded away. Thanks to Frances and the EFT technique I was able to get my life back."

Lia Federico


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